Purging Yourself Clear of the Masturbation Addiction


-Drug and alcohol addictions are very common and accepted socially, and there are even treatments available to get rid of these dangerous cravings. Regrettably, sexual addictions, though quite widespread and very intense in their nature, are very difficult and dangerous obsessions to prevail over. Lack of knowledge about powerfully repulsive disorders like pornography and masturbation is mainly the cause of its widespread. Many people facing this dilemma do not usually know where to turn or who to confide in as these are deemed to be intolerable by society.

If you are suffering from this disorder, and want to overcome it, below are some of the steps which will assist in you in stopping your masturbation addiction:

– Exercise regularly and strenuously to burn excess energy before going to bed. Fatigue and exhaustion will stop you from masturbating before going to bed.

– Change your habits. Do not lie in bed until sleep is tugging at your eyes, and you are unable to keep your eyelids open.

– Try to find an alternative to releasing the sexual tension rather than choosing to masturbate. Take a bath or go out and interact with people. Do not spend your time sitting alone in your bedroom watching pornography to stop masturbation.

– Think positive, and redirect your thoughts when you have the urge to indulge in this addiction. Have control over your feelings and thoughts. Try to find out the reason why and when you have the urge to masturbate most, and then work towards modifying your routine so that you are less inclined to do it.

Never give up hope. If you believe that you can stop masturbation, you have the power to achieve your goal.

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