Prohibition of Pornography


-Pornography, once a very discrete and tiny market, has grown into an enormous industry these days. Pornography is somehow a mainstream of entertainment to majority of adults and is now reaching even the youngsters. The media preferences of the people led to the growth of this billion dollar industry. Because of the partnership offered by technology, mass production of these erotic materials is now possible. The internet, cable TVs, and even the tiniest portable digital devices can be now a transit of these contents into any place around the globe.

Though many of us believe that technology is the main reason for these widespread activities, there are other contributors to the widespread effect of pornography. For one, our views in morality, respect, and even modesty helped mold our mentality towards porn addiction. In some communities, it has become accepted as conventional and normal.

Although, pornography hits the moral and social values of some religious and ethics group, debates are still ongoing towards the banning of these erotic obscenities. Pornography defenders always use the right of freedom for expression as a way to publicly display these obscenities.

There are some laws in the country that only ban certain types of pornography. Due to this, the question being faced by a lot of lawmakers is defining the obscenity in these materials. When can movies or pictures become obscene and considered pornographic? Take for example, magazines like Penthouse and Playboy. Some might say that these types of porn materials are not included in the obscene category. Though laws and regulations are currently evolving and regularly modified, we, non-lawmakers must be able to make a move against these issues.

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