Problems Encountered by a Masturbation Addict


-Having a masturbation addiction is really a big challenge. People sometimes succumb to this addiction and destroy their lives without even having the chance to make things right for them. Many people might try to change their lives for the better, but they still end up doing the things they keep fighting on in the first place. It is very unbearable and unimaginable that someone would have a masturbation addiction. Yet this is a very common addiction that happens to men and even women nowadays. We all cannot hide the fact that we are all sexual beings and have the tendency to be addicted to sex.

The various trials that might affect a person who is on the verge of having a masturbation addiction would experience depression. This is a very serious health risk that can render a person incompetent to act against his or her depression. It can change the mood of a person as well as his or her overall attitude with the people around him/her. Another trial would be for someone to live a double life, a life where you keep a fa

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