Possible reasons behind pornography addiction


-The human brain is a very complex structure whose function is not only dependant on morphology and histology but also biochemical reactions. These reactions also play a vital role in the day to day function of this organ. There are some pleasure and hate centers in our brains that react to certain emotions. We tend to do acts that we find interesting and that give us pleasure. In the case of watching pornography, both aspects are a reality. The main element of curiosity and interest is very common among children. This tempts teenagers and even children to watch pornography. On the other hand, in adults the pornography is more related to the pleasure. Watching sexually explicit images, videos and listening to sexually provoking sounds can lead to intense sexual hunger.

Porn addiction, just like drug addiction, tends to increase the release of dopamine neurotransmitters in our brain. This hike in dopamine concentration brought about by watching porn might not be that extreme as compared to drug addiction, but lasts several times longer than other conditions. This is why it is very hard to recognize a porn addict just by his or her appearance but what’s worse is that they are suffering from the inside out.

Most of the time; a pornography addict associates watching porn with other activities like masturbation. This link can be so strong that he may find it impossible to reach an orgasm without watching porn. Our mind deals with pornography addiction in different ways. Sexual climax or orgasms are pleasurable but can also be attributed to feeling guilty.. This is why many porn addicts are shy, anxious and get agitated easily.

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