Pornography’s Billion Dollar Industry


– The vast expense and profit of the pornography business have made them a running and unstoppable industry in our planet. Their discretely great demand has turned the porn business into a billion dollar industry. Recently, the world annual sales of porn reached to $57 million. This great number is not a question because almost 800 million copies of sexual and erotic materials are distributed, either through purchases or rentals.

The far-reaching influence of the internet has garnered a staggering number of new porn addicts because it openly promotes pornography. Statistics show that about 12 percent of all the websites in the internet are pornographic websites. More and more individuals are using the internet to view porn materials. Now, the most important question is, would you allow yourself to be part of this great number who will somehow become addicts?

Society has repeatedly witnessed the myriad issues and problems brought about by pornography addiction. Violence towards women and children became rampant these days because of the influence of pornography towards perverts and criminal-minded individuals. The raise in rape and harassment cases is traced back to pornography and the immoral sexual acts that it portrays in photos and videos. Violence, especially in marital relationships, becomes more enhanced because of pornography. It also eliminates the value of emotions and feelings and focuses more on the pleasure brought by the sexual act.

These myriad problems are the reason why countries like Russia are forbidding the distribution of these explicit materials. Many groups and agencies are providing programs and services dealing with overcoming pornography. Start overcoming pornography within yourself by learning to control one’s action before you seek outside help.

Domestic Effects of Pornography
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