Pornography Realization and Acceptance: Putting a Stop to the Addiction


-Porn has been a great part of one’s life, especially those in the puberty stage. However, the numbers have risen for other age groups as well. The big problem with the person involved in porn is not the fact that he or she is doing it or into it. Majority of it lies in that person’s ability to realize and even accept the fact that he or she is into porn. You may know a neighbor, a friend, or even a family member that watches pornographic movies, masturbates, or can’t let a day go by without having a sexual encounter with someone or something.

These people we know may not have realized that they have already had porn rooted deeply into their daily life. It would be easy for them to deny it when you confront them. Putting these points in simple matters, you will see that they already have established these as routines. They need not think of doing it or remember to do it; they simply do it because their mind and body already got used to doing it that frequently, during a certain day and time. There are even cases when these people don’t get to do other things without getting a taste of a pornographic act. These are the cases when their daily responsibilities and normal way of living get affected already.

You may begin to have doubts about the above-mentioned statements; but sad to say, they are true. The next half to the above-mentioned problem is that these people cannot move on with their lives until they get to realize that they are already hooked. Once they get through that, they would need to accept it. This is basically the only way to move on. No matter how many people are willing to help out or how many solutions are available in order to help someone who’s hooked in pornography, as long as they do not get to realize and accept that they are hooked, all is lost.

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