Pornography Decades Ago


-It’s funny how pornography evolved through time. Decades ago, videocassettes were the only devices that are capable of displaying pornographic videos and movies. These VCRs were just owned by the rich and high-ranking Communist Party bureaucrats, Foreign Ministry officials and a handful of rank and file with connections in household electronics dealerships in the Soviet Union of the mid-1980s. This means to say that the elite in the society were the only few who have the privilege for this act of viewing pornography. It somehow became an idea that once one owns a VCR they are watching porn.

These days, pornography has been widespread and became an endemic whatever country you are located in the globe. It is obvious that once watches porn to gain pleasure for one’s self, the succeeding or simultaneous action would be doing masturbation or ejaculation. Though majority of porn viewers are doing these acts, a few only admit this type of doing.

In older times, people are trying hard to scare porn addicts doing masturbation with stories that would tell the danger of doing masturbation. They say once an individual does masturbation, hair will be growing in their hands. Nowadays, these stories are not necessary because researches and studies have proclaimed the bad effects and outcomes of doing these erotic dirty acts frequently.

Overcoming pornography and masturbation is not an easy job. This process has been undergone by many individuals ahead of us and some of them failed. Focus and motivation are the keys towards grabbing your goals. It is like going to the gym; if you have a strong motivation to become slim then the succeeding acts would be less difficult.

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