Pornography and Its Debilitating Effects


-A porn watcher does not think that watching porn can affect society, but in reality, he is living in a fool’s paradise. Pornography deals with human beings and all humans are part of society.

The bad effects of pornography are not a personal affair. All people know about sex, what happens every night between a man and a woman. To someone, sex is the most enjoyable thing in the world. So naturally, everyone thinks about sex. But, being civilized, a porn watcher should know his/her boundaries. When a man enjoys watching pornography, he may lose this sense of reason, and he may indulge in any type of sexual misbehaviors.

Specialists opine that pornography and its message play an important role in shaping attitudes and encouraging behavior that can harm individuals and their families. As pornography is viewed mostly in a secret place, it may create deception in marriage and ultimately, it may result in divorce. Besides, porn watching may lead you to different kinds of sexual acts which your spouse may not like. This will create a conflict between you and your spouse. This in turn, will hamper your life together, and eventually, your family especially your relationship with your children.

The increasing number of rape and prostitution cases is another result of porn. Children subjected to sexual abuse are also the fruit of the porn tree. We have unknowingly planted and nurtured the tree so that it can potentially destroy the entire civilization.

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