Pornography Addiction: Facts and Figures


-Amidst the rapid development of technology and modernization of the world, different issues, whether personal or social, are already rising. A lot of us may be glad of the ease and efficiency the internet has brought to us. Yet, we also have problems overcoming these elements once they have reached the stage of addiction, especially on the realm of online pornography.

There are lots of opinions regarding the value of pornography in an individual’s life. Though many countries prohibit the viewing of pornography especially for youngsters, this rule seems to be incapable of such restriction. The easy access of pornography in the internet, regardless of what age you are, makes it impossible to totally overcome the addiction and the spread of online pornography.

To give you tidbits of facts, in the US, a revenue of as much as 13.3 billion dollars is generated by the pornography industry. There are over 4.2 million pornographic websites on the Internet, this number constitutes 12% of the total number of websites. A research conducted in the United States showed that 42.7% of internet users are using the web for online pornography. These large numbers are not stationary, but rather constantly increasing.

This statistics should serve as a challenge, whether you want to be part of the online community of porn addicts or not. Although, you may not be able to totally banish the use of online porno at one time, you could at least start by minimizing the use of such explicit contents in the internet.

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