Paving the Road to Curb Masturbation


-Porn addiction is usually accompanied by masturbation addiction as the sexual energy generated through watching porn can be relieved by masturbation. Addictions come alive when a person feels the need to escape from uncomfortable feelings or painful memories of the past which seem to haunt him. These feelings can range from guilt, boredom, to stress. Many times, masturbation addicts shun themselves completely from intimate relationships because their addiction conflicts with a healthy loving relationship. They gain more satisfaction from their own domain of illusion.

If you are one of these masturbation addicts, your situation is not completely despairing if a correct approach is taken. In combination with sheer persistence, you will have a good chance of overcoming your addiction. The biggest hurdle which lies from grasping success is the fear of failure. If you want to accomplish anything in life, you have to learn to take the risk.

To further pave the way for recovery, seek professional guidance and join professional support groups. Then, you need to ban yourself from all kinds of pornographic materials and start spending less time locked up within the confines of your bedroom. Also, make a list of the negative consequences of your addiction. To complement this list, you can make another one that enumerates the positive effects that would be your award if you gave up on your addiction. Comparing the two lists would help you review the benefits you would reap once free from your vile habit.

Ethics and codes all stand against masturbation addiction and every society shuns addicts. The beautiful experience of love, happiness, and peace awaits those who overcome their masturbation addiction.

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