Outcomes of Masturbation Addiction


-Masturbation addiction is something that can make your life miserable if you fail to stop it in time. Like any addiction, masturbation addiction tends to mount up day by day and eventually you will find yourself a slave to it. There are several negative outcomes of masturbation addiction that include:

1. Social withdrawal: To masturbate, you will need only one thing and that is you. Masturbation addicts tend to spend plenty of time alone locked in their rooms. They are found to be excessively shy and have poor self confidence. Masturbation addiction lowers your self esteem and may cause you to lessen interactions with people around you.

2. Personality impairment: How would you feel facing people after you have committed some sort of crime? Definitely, you will feel guilty, shy and low in confidence. The same feelings exist in a masturbation addict whose degree may vary from person to person. Thus, masturbation addiction ultimately starts casting negative effects on your professional as well as family life.

3. Rejection: Would you like to have sex with a person who is much happier in self pleasuring? Lack of intimacy from a normal sexual relationship is also a common feature of masturbation addiction. Women do not like partners who masturbate by themselves all the time.

4. Mood swings: Hormones have strong effects on your physical and emotional health. Frequent masturbation disturbs the normal balance in your body hormones and makes mood swings pretty common in masturbation addicts. Anxiety, depression and loss of interest in daily activities are common signs of this condition.

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