Men and Women: Casualties of Pornography


-There is a great misconception about pornography and sex addiction being an act solely done by the male population. Well, these addictions are like any other addiction and it can exist in you regardless of your age and gender. For most of us, we associate sex addiction and sexual problems with men and few of us realize that sex addiction can also hit the female population.

The number of females that is seeking help because of their sexual issues and addiction is steadily growing at a fast rate. In this day and age, when technology and media are the new fad, the exposure of pornography has become widespread and it has even been somehow accepted by a number of communities and groups. Like men, women also suffer from addiction like masturbation, pornography, anonymous encounters, and casual sex affairs.

There are deeper reasons why one suffers from sex addiction, may it be male or female. Biologically speaking, sex addicts have set their bodies to receive endorphins and brain chemicals primarily by reinforcing a fantasy state through ejaculation that provides these chemicals to their bodies. In psychology, they usually use sex and other sexual activities to remedy and escape emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. Others replace their God concept with sexual addictions that is why they find sex, pornography, and other erotic activities pleasurable and beneficial.

One should be able to overcome sex addiction by approaching experts and outside help. Reinforcing one’s self about the brighter side of being addiction-free is a way to inspire change. And with this change comes success and full recovery from the addiction.

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