Medical Issues That Can Arise From Frequent Masturbation


-Most people masturbate to achieve pleasure but sometimes it proves to be very dangerous or even a life-taking activity. Scientists have shown that masturbation and sexual orgasms put an extra load on your heart thus eventually making your heart get weaker and weaker and more prone to cardiac failure. Similarly, if you are suffering from Hypertension or Ischemic Heart Diseases, you are more likely to undergo sudden vascular problems that can take your life. This is why sexual activities should be avoided by patients recovering from a heart disease.

Testicular torsion and penile injuries are very common in masturbation addicts. People who like sexual deviances and constantly try different things while masturbating are more likely to end up in the hospital with such problems. Injuries usually respond well to medical treatment but sometimes it can cause infertility.

Reduced oxygen supply to the brain is said to be associated with increased sexual pleasure. This is why some masturbation addicts try to choke themselves by grabbing their throats while masturbating. Such risky activities are definitely life threatening and are discouraged.

Many women who masturbate with sex toys or different objects are very likely to suffer urinary tract infections. Similarly, the inflammation of the vagina and uterus known as vaginitis and endometeritis respectively are common in women addicted to masturbation. Viral infections of the vulva from herpes can occur among women who use saliva for lubrication. Many bacteria that are components of the normal flora in the oral cavity can cause severe diseases when introduced into vagina

This is only a brief account of the medical problems associated with frequent masturbation. Unfortunately the list of psychological and social problems associated with masturbation addiction is also very extensive. Only by quitting masturbation can you minimize the risk of such problems.

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