Masturbation and Its Unpleasant Side Effects


-Overcoming pornography could be a serious issue nowadays that internet connection and portable digital devices are widely used across the globe. Issues like frequent masturbation and sexual harassment are just a few interrelated concepts that may surface when one exercises addiction in pornography. Masturbation is somehow a well-known act by most people of all ages due to media influences. Overcoming frequent masturbation is also another issue that is encountered mostly by the men of this generation.

Contrary to common beliefs, masturbation is not a healthy lifestyle practice. Many believed the popular concept of masturbation as a good exercise, as well as it promotes healthy living. If one does masturbation frequently and with no control, then you are in great danger. You may not feel the effects now, but surely these unfavorable outcomes will prevail in your way. Scientific studies and research have come up with a list of disadvantages masturbation can do to an individual.

When doing masturbation or ejaculation, the parasympathetic nervous functions excessively, thus producing excessive sex hormones and other chemicals in the nervous system like acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin. Then, our body chemistry changes resulting to an unfavorable behavior or unusual thinking. Furthermore, masturbation causes major psychological and physiological disturbances that if not treated early will lead to serious mental and behavioral diseases.

Excessive masturbation is like any other thing, once done excessively, is not good for the body.

Help in Stopping Masturbation
Avoiding by Taking Away Opportunities