Masturbation Addiction Discovered


-Men are more prone to masturbation addiction than women because of their human nature. From the younger generation up to the older ones, all have had some experience with masturbation. Once you have experienced this branch of sexual stimulation, there will be times that your urges become more and more frequent. This in turn can lead to an addiction to masturbation that can bring you more disadvantages rather than benefits.

Many men might not know the disadvantages of masturbation unless it is too late. They will discover these problems once these have already affected their daily lives as well as those of the people around them. In young men, masturbation can be just a source of relief or experimentation as they mature through life. Yet in the end, this can be a source of health problems as well as the cause of immoral acts at a young age. For older men, this can lead to adultery as well as unsafe sex with other women. With this, people who engage in this immoral act can acquire diseases that can certainly cause them a lot of health issues. Masturbation addiction can also destroy families, which can be a great burden to the children. Other obligations like work can also be in peril as men seem to be more preoccupied with sex rather than finding a means of living. These are just some of the difficulties and problems that might occur if you have a certain fondness for masturbating. It would be best if you stop immediately before you do more harm to yourself and to everyone around you.

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