Life Beyond Pornography


-As men, there has always been this unavoidable display of machismo that has to be expressed. Boys like to have fun, just as girls do. But since there is a very profound difference with the ways both sexes have fun, conflict is expected. As kids, watching pornography was not a big deal. Well, maybe it was, but only to a certain point. Trading stories with friends, sharing each others’ stashes of porn, etc-these things were the stuff of teen years. As a grown man, however, viewing porn is questionable.

As the years went by, things in your life have changed. Maybe at this point you already have a family you take care of. Maybe you have a job that demands much time and effort. Whatever it is you consider important in your life, in a nutshell, is affected by watching pornography. As you very well know, your time is spent to the last minute when you start watching porn. Physically, as well, your body becomes lethargic to the stuff you just have to do. Is this something to be proud of? It doesn’t seem like it. Keeping your priorities in check is your full-time job. Watching pornography is not.

Just think about all the things you love in your life. Minus pornography, these things or people definitely have a very special place in your life. Using up your time and attention to pornography is hurtful to them! Since these people and things are who and what you hold dear, you would not want something like pornography watching to cause problems. For starters, the headache and humiliation involved is immense and actually, 100% avoidable. Think about that the next you click on that streaming video of your most desired sexual fantasies being performed in your computer screen. It is said that knowing is half the battle, so now that you have realized your problem, the next step to it is solving it.

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