Is Masturbation Harmful?


-This may be a common question for all people who masturbate frequently: Is masturbation harmful to one’s health? Generally, medical science does not consider masturbation a harmful process as it is a natural and harmless expression of sexuality for both men and women. Some say that masturbation wastes semen but actually semen cannot be stored and should be released every now and then. If a man does not have any sexual intercourse or does not masturbate for some time, he will automatically ejaculate while sleeping. Naturally after ejaculation, new semen is produced. So, masturbation does not actually cause harm or injury to the body and can be practiced throughout the entire life. However, some religions stand against masturbation and assign it as a sin and if you believe in that religion then you may have some guilty feelings from masturbating.

However, there is some controversy also. Some people think that masturbation is harmful in certain ways. People who think this way also have good points because masturbating frequently can have negative effects on the mind and even the body when done too often.

Masturbation is a common practice for teenagers who have raging hormones and have just had a taste of sexual pleasure. When adolescents masturbate, their goal is often achieving orgasm and they inadvertently train themselves to ejaculate too early when they start having sex. This is known as premature ejaculation and can be an embarrassing problem for men.

Aside from this, frequent masturbation can cause other problems like tiredness and lack of focus on other things because of the preoccupation with masturbation. So even though masturbation may not harm your body directly, it can have several detrimental effects to a person when it is done too frequently.

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