How to Stop Your Masturbation Addiction


-If you cannot live without masturbating for several times in a week then you are slowly turning into a masturbating addict. This habit is going to take a heavy toll on your life. Masturbating addicts masturbate with or without the help of pornographic materials, but majority of the masturbating addicts avail themselves of excessive porn sites.

To rid yourself successfully of this terrible habit and to answer the ever popping, most frequent question in your mind on how to stop masturbating; you need to follow a strict and exacting regimen. It will undoubtedly be the most demanding task of your life but one that will be worth for all its obstacles. If you need to make a lasting change in your life you need to break your compulsively obsessive behavior and concentrate on the way you can make effective changes.

Proper knowledge, guidance and hard work are all needed to stop masturbation addiction. You need to restrict yourself where porn sites are concerned. Engage yourself in other activities which involve a lot of hard work and body workouts. Things that easily tire you are the best answer. Exhaust your brain to such an extent that it does not seek the harmful sources of pleasure. Whenever the idea of masturbation comes to your mind, indulge in a strenuous activity like jogging around the park, biking, swimming, etc. Drink cold water and snack on light foods. Go outside and start a conversation with your friends. Go watch a movie or a theatrical drama. It will all be appalling at first and you will lose interest in everything, but persistently avoiding masturbation for a month or two will soon help you conquer your addiction and will put you on a daily healthy routine.

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