How to Put an End to Pornography


-Today the media and the Internet have gone all the way to promote sexuality to such extent that the pornography poison is devouring more and more people every day. It is very easy for people to fall in the snare of pornography but fleeing away from it is no straightforward job as most people have no intention to break the porn chain in their hearts.

The action movies displaying seductive heroines on the arms of a suave action hero creates a tempting scene in the minds of men today. They find it impossible to resist the temptation of the skin and are unable from stopping themselves. Breaking the pornography addiction is not an individual’s job but also societies. Everyone is responsible for keeping this sin under control.

Teens need to be educated about abusive and offensive impacts of pornography addiction. Early religious studies need to be instilled in homes and schools to instruct children on the moral and ethical issues facing the world today. Prayers should be pronounced daily at homes and family values inculcated. At a very early stage children should be taught importance of human respect and the difference between man and animal.

Those who have already fallen under the pornography curse can rectify their sins by participating in social events, helping the poor and needy, giving moral support to rape victims and going beyond the human level to understand the purpose for which the God created man. Interacting more with pornography addicts who are trying to recover is also a healthy way to mutually come to terms with the curse and coming ahead towards a better and purer future.

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