How to Put an End to Masturbation


-Are you trying to find out a way to stop masturbation? You are not the only person who’s trying to find a way to stop masturbation. There are millions of frustrated people in the world who want to free themselves from the black shadow of masturbation. It is not very hard to stop this addiction; you just need one thing, the right attitude. Perseverance will lead you to the destination of success.

The first thing you have to do to break this addiction is to know the reason why you masturbate. Obviously, there is a reason or a number of reasons which compels you to do this disturbing habit again and again. If you just try to stop masturbation without finding and solving the reason, you may not be able stop it for a long time. Maybe you can stop masturbating but for a while, but when the reasons appear again, you won’t be able to resist it for a long time. So what is necessary is to find out the reasons for this addiction. There are several reasons why you do it. You may be bored with life, feel lonely and stressed, or may have some pain from your past; and you want to relieve yourself from all these reasons through masturbation. You feel good when you masturbate but that is not the main reason of masturbating. Yes, it feels good, but only for a short time.

Dig deep into your psychology and find out

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