How to End Pornography Addiction


-Pornography addiction has been rated as one of the most common addictive activity of teens and young adults all around the world. You may not be smoking or drinking but there are several times more chances for you to be addicted to porn. This addiction gradually becomes so distressing that one can not stop watching porn in every chance he or she gets. Watching porn is considered a social disease in most of the societies all around the world that also potentiate the feeling of guilt in porn addicts. You will find number of people listening to the voice of conscious and trying to learn how to quit porn.

The answer to the question, ‘how to quit porn?’ is not straightforward. Different therapists tackle this problem in different ways. ‘How to quit porn?’ is most commonly asked because of the sense of guilt. This makes enhancement of this feeling to the extent that the porn addict person develops some degree of repulsion or self disgust with watching porn. The other ways to facilitate guys trying to learn how to quit porn include social and religious motivation and psychotherapy bases on social and religious values. Many religions which strongly condemn the pornography can establish the required determination in the followers of that religion that will help people to quit watching porn in the long run. This method is considered one of the most reliable as it has successfully helped thousands of people from getting rid of porn addiction.

Addition of healthy activities to lifestyle like participating in different games, attending religious gatherings and avoiding the situations that allow easy access to porn form the other most effective means that help in learning how to quit porn addiction. The importance of determination to quit porn can not be emphasized more as this is the fundamental driving force that facilitates all other methods of quitting porn.

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