How to Divert Yourself from Pornography


-The pattern of watching porn as a diversion from other types of stress we face in life has shown that it ends up as an addiction. If you would compare such patterns with other vices in life, you will notice that people get used to having a certain diversion in order to be free from a certain stressful event or experience. However, once they get too deep into the act, they end up getting addicted to it. You can notice this same pattern with that of alcoholics and drug addicts.

For some, there may be cases when an individual is so in love with someone, but could not get the strength to deal with it. This desire simply turns into a much deeper and subconscious need to have that person by any means. So while the potential porn addict is so drowned with his inner emotions, he ends up imagining the person he desires and combines it with porn videos he or she is watching. Nevertheless, just like any addiction, the person only gets temporary relief.

Knowing this, the same reason why you got into porn addiction can be used in order to get you out of it. You can divert yourself from making use of your porn diversion. You can make use of your extra time to express what you feel and put it out into literary works such as poems or song lyrics. This will not only help you be free from an odd addiction to porn videos, but it will also release the inner creativity and expressive being inside of you in a good way.

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