How to Avoid Pornography Addiction


-Did you notice your teenage kid being physically distant and emotionally isolated from you? Does he spend most of his free time alone in his locked bedroom? Does he get annoyed when you often invade his privacy by entering his room, opening his cabinets or checking his phone and computer? If he does, then your child is probably exposing himself to pornographic materials and therefore he can be in danger of porn addiction.

Porn addiction can bring seriously damaging effects to your child. Pornography will teach him a lot of wrong values, especially those values pertaining to sex and treatment of women. As portrayed by porn, he will think of sex as nothing but a temporary act to satisfy sexual desires. He will not realize that beyond the satisfaction lies negative consequences such as unexpected pregnancy and contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. He will also perceive real women as exactly the same as the virtual women he sees in porn: filthy, emotionless, hardcore beings that want nothing but sex. Of course, that is so far from the truth. Real women want love, security, financial stability, emotional connection, etc. Pornographic addiction will also consume your child’s precious time when he should be spending time studying his lessons, playing sports or bonding with family, friends and relatives.

So what can you do as parents to prevent your child from becoming a porn addict? Here are a few tips. First, talk to your child and let him know that what he is going through is normal. Millions of teenage kids like him are becoming addicted to porn, especially during this high-tech era where you can easily gain access to pornographic materials from the internet or from adult stores. And besides, even you during your teenage days have probably watched a lot of porn yourself. Next, help your child in avoiding the temptations of porn. You can introduce new hobbies or sports to your kid. You can buy him a hoop and place it in your backyard so he can play basketball instead of watching porn. If he is not fond of the outdoors, you can buy indoor table games or board games that will interest him. Then, you have to do something about the tools or the resources he has that gives him access to pornography. If he is using his computer to view porn from the Internet, then block the websites containing explicit materials. If he is using video tapes or magazines, then throw them away. This way, you could lessen the temptation surrounding your child. Once you have done these measures, it is important that you monitor your child. Overcoming pornographic addiction is not a one-click process; it is a long enduring journey. Keep track of his progress in developing new hobbies or spending less time alone in the bedroom. You can also install anti-spyware programs in the computer so you can keep track if he is still visiting porn websites repeatedly. Finally, if you still feel that your child is still having a difficult time overcoming the temptations of porn, you can try to get him to professional counseling or recovery support groups.

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