How the Internet Fostered Pornography Addiction


-Pornography has now become the most common buzzword and may be the worst side effect of the developed communication system. The word pornography refers to objects that make an extreme outburst of sexual feelings. Pornography can be found in images, videos, magazines, paintings, sounds, sculptures, animations or anything else which can overwhelm one’s thinking.

The most common source of pornography is the internet. The internet allows you to find anything you want and need. So definitely, the internet works as a huge source of pornography to those who like to have it. For the reason that pornography is so prolific, it is proven that almost every internet user at least once or twice looks for porn in Google. It is also a known fact that the rapid expansion of the World Wide Web makes pornography works a leading driving force to porn addiction.

Before the widespread use of the internet, pornography lovers used to go to shops to get the sources of pornography. The common sources were CD, DVD, magazines, books, and poster, and people frequent various adult shops and specialty stores. Sometimes, it seems too hard to find those and at times, expensive. When the need of watching porn was felt, people had to go out of their home.

However, the Internet has solved all of these predicaments for porn lovers. Now, with just a few mouse clicks, the world of pornography is laid out in the open. You don’t need to go outside of your home or even spend hundreds of dollars to purchase anything because the Internet has increased the availability of porn. This, in turn, has increased the number of porn-addicted people.

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