How Family Guidance Prevents Pornography Addiction


-There are many individuals who get to become the best that they could be with the help of their family. One’s family plays a vital role in ensuring that they get the support they need to get through the challenges that life throw at them, especially at a young age. But not all people are blessed with the chance of having a family that can provide them with what they need. Some are not even blessed with a family at all. This is one of the reasons why most people go astray.

If you get into a conversation with these people who end up wasting their lives with nonsense, you will find out that majority of them would use the reason of “not having a family” to justify their current situation. But this is one misconception that they all have in common. When we say “family,” it does not only mean father, mother, brother, sister, and/or grandparents. If you look into the true definition of family, you will find out that these are a group of individuals that support, accept, and love you for who you are. This definition is not only limited to your kin. This could even be your neighbor or friend who is always concerned about your whereabouts. Even your teacher or the school janitor can be your family. You simply have to see past the surface of how a family is being defined.

Taking our focus into people who have drowned in pornographic activities to take away their minds from the inadequacies that they are experiencing in terms of having a descent family, you will see that they simply took for granted the individuals who could have been their family. If you look at prostitutes, sons who masturbate often when they don’t feel the love of their mother, and sex maniacs who unleash their longing on to their unaware victims; you will see that beyond their experiences, there were people who were willing to lend a hand. There were actually people who could have stood up and be their family. They simply did not see them in that manner.

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