Harmful Effects of Masturbation


-There is a lot of buzz about overcoming pornography but few people are aware of the real harms that pornography brings to the life of a pornography addict. It is basically because of the occult consequences of watching porn that many social and religious bodies consider watching porn a sinful activity. This article is meant to emphasize the side effects of watching porn to serve as motivation for quitting pornography addiction.

The major harmful effects of watching porn include:

1. Development of wrong concepts on sexuality. The type of sexual relationship depicted in online pornography is far from reality. This is why a porn addict may find himself indulging in unethical and unusual sexual activities like sadism, homosexuality, bondage and sexual humiliation.

2. Poor sexual relationship with your partner. Porn and masturbation addiction cast long term effects on your relationship with your partner. You may lose interest in normal sexual activity or your partner may lose interest in you if you try to incorporate the deviant things you watch in porn into your sex life.

3. Watching porn is an addictive activity. Thus like any other addiction, a porn addict will waste plenty of his time watching porn online. Staying closed in your room will make you poor at public relations. You may become a shy person with limited friends.

4. Porn addiction is associated with feelings of guilt. Watching porn is a sinful act and the feeling of guilt secondary to watching porn is quite understandable. This can result in low self esteem, lack of confidence and psychological problems like anxiety and depression.

5. Unfortunately, the more badly a porn addict longs for a partner, the less are his chances of attracting the opposite gender. Research has shown that women do not like desperate flirts who look upon them just to fulfill their sexual desires. Women are made of emotions and you need to quit watching porn to start enjoying the romance of life.

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