Giving up Pornography


-A human’s body desires food and water to survive day to day but it needs sexual gratifications to experience the peak of the pleasure. A body is a complex structure of organs of which the sexual organs are the most difficult to satisfy. Pornography is the tool which fuels the fire of sexual emotions and instead of extinguishing the fiery sexual flames it ignites it to a raging conflagration that burns everything around it. This inferno is very difficult to extinguish and it is usually not possible until a huge amount of destruction has taken place.

During porn viewing brain releases three important neurotransmitters that excite the brain and you feel a strong sexual rush. These are known as dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals are retained in the brain till the brain is exposed to pornography. They keep the person sexually excited and aroused. Human beings have the tendency to hold on to the things which give pleasure and pornography has the capability of keeping the person thrilled and contented. But after the person is done with pornography viewing, the dopamine levels plummet downwards giving the person a feeling of emptiness and eternal loss. This is accompanied with shame and guilt for committing a shameful act. This feeling of remorse is strong enough to make the person guilty but since the brain is used to high amounts of chemical release every day, neural messages are sent to the person that urges him to watch porn day after day to satisfy the intense cravings.

Every person is responsible for the programming of his own brain and if an addict wishes to stop the cravings of the flesh he needs to learn to reprogram his brain to break free of porn addiction.

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