Exercise to Stop Masturbation


-With the boom of the internet, it has become very easy to gain access to every kind of immorality. Pornography and masturbation addiction comes into this category. There are different degrees of this addiction. Some are involved knee deep, while others are completely saturated with the darkness of the vile habit. Many of the unpleasant habits have a way of clinging to the person and are quite difficult to overcome.

People usually become so frustrated with their vices that they finally make the decision to take a step towards defeating their masturbation addiction, and when the resolution is made, it is very challenging to abide it. Well then, for all those addicts there is an easy way out.

Facts have proved that regular and strenuous exercises like cardio workout, running, and weight training, which are performed for a long period of time, cause the body to release the hormone, endorphin. This hormone acts as a stimulant and makes us feel happy and elated. It also acts as a natural painkiller. Therefore, exercise is very essential for a person with masturbation addiction as his mental and physical energy has been debilitated by the continuous misuse of his body. Having a regular, yet moderate routine of exercise would assist the addict in procuring the correct balance in his life, and would also facilitate a fast recovery from sexual exploitation. Exercise also boosts morale and confidence levels, which are very important tools needed, when wrestling to overcome the masturbation addiction.

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