Excessive Masturbation


-Masturbation is a weak man’s habit. Although in some cases it is considered part of the accepted norms, masturbation is still a cause for concern, especially when done excessively. Believe it or not, excessively pleasuring yourself on your own may cause physical, emotional and mental harm. Physical harm may come from skin irritations of the penis due to constant forceful rubbing while some studies show that masturbation can be linked to prostate cancer. Emotional harm implies that to some men, the occurrence of masturbation develops from occasionally to habitually to obsessively. In these cases, men tend to lose interest in doing pleasurable, romantic or sexual acts with their partners. Their partners will easily detect this lack of interest and like domino-effect, disappointments will pile up resulting into heated arguments and emotional instabilities. And finally, excessive masturbation can cause mental infirmity. You may not realize it, but masturbation is usually preceded by boredom and idleness of the mind. And excessive idleness means you are heading into deep troubles. As they say, idleness is the source of all evil.

So how do you stop masturbating? Or at least control it? These next sentences or advices may not be easy to do, and even accept, but they will give positive results if diligently followed. First, dig deep within yourself and ask the question

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