Effective Ways to Quit Chronic Masturbation


-Masturbation is an act in which a male or female tries to release his or her own sexual tension through self stimulation of the genitals in order to achieve orgasm. There are different methods of how to stop masturbation, but in this article you will find only the most effective and the easiest.

First of all try to find control over ejaculation. Whenever you feel sexually aroused and your hands are unconsciously move to your genitals, try to control yourself. Once you have learned how to stop thinking about masturbating to achieve ejaculation, the act of masturbation will become less of a go-to thing to do. Definitely, this will need plenty of discipline coupled with determination to quit.

Get support from good friends, family and religion. All these forces which can give you a positive view on life without masturbation, can help motivate you to stop the act. The more time you spend performing religious duties, spending time with your family and working on social projects, the less you will be obsessed with self-pleasuring.

Lastly, try to be master of your body. Try to establish control over your actions. Getting addicted to masturbation usually gives a feeling that you and your soul are actually slaves of your body. So, just try to get control over your bodily desires if you want to learn how to stop masturbation. You need to be sure that you are being the master of your own body.

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