Downsides of Excessive Masturbation


-It is a controversial fact whether masturbation has negative effects on the body or not. In actuality, it depends on the person masturbating. If he or she limits their masturbation, then it may not have negative effects. But if done frequently, like over eating, it will take its toll on the body. Here, we shall discuss the negative effects of masturbation.

The first thing that comes to mind as a negative effect of excessive masturbation is that it reduces your stamina. You should obviously refrain from over masturbation as it puts a great amount of pressure on your prostate. It is also harmful to your brain since it releases some important chemicals. Masturbation exhausts calcium causing pains in the bones and fatigue in the legs. It is known to all that red cells and platelets are formed in the bone marrow. The bone marrow may not develop properly thus resulting in multiple complications which may also lead to fatal diseases.

Aside from the body, masturbation also has its negative impacts on the mind. Psycho-sexual impotence is the ultimate result of masturbation. A person who regularly masturbates cannot have successful intercourse with his or her partner as he/she is used to do it by in their own private time. But while experiencing it, he/she finds no coherence between the reality and the imagination. The final result is psycho-sexual impotence. Moreover, experts say that there are several type of madness which is generated by sexual abuse and masturbation. So, it is necessary to have total control over masturbation to have a healthy life.

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