Domestic Effects of Pornography


-Pornography has changed the views of human beings towards passionate love and sex. This great shift on the mentality has impacted on the way married couples perceive life. Almost all countries around the world are industrialized and have felt the booming influence of technology. No matter what age you are, the impact of the internet has made an indelible mark in your life. This escalating power of media and the internet has associated the growth of this industry-the pornography industry.

The internet has made the growing experience for the younger generations a different one. It also alters the way parents and guardians guide their children. In other words, the Internet has brought the world many advantages as well as disadvantages. The internet allows us to connect to our loved ones from countries apart, but it also brought the availability of erotic and sexual materials to people of all ages, anywhere you are in the globe.

Many questions on how one should act if they find out that their partner or a family member has used pornography frequently. This boils down into the issue of pornography’s influence on the marriage and family life. The dehumanizing acts depicted on pornographic contents against women would definitely influence the mentality and views of the males towards the opposite sex.

One of the earliest researches towards the adverse effects of pornography was conducted by Zillman and Jennings Bryant on 1984 and 1988, and they found out that frequent exposure to pornography can cause: callousness toward women; distorted perceptions about sexuality; devaluation of the importance of monogamy; decreased satisfaction with partner’s sexual performance, affection, and appearance; doubts about the value of marriage; and decreased desire to have children.

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