Defeating Pornography Effectively


-Defeating the green serpent of pornography and overcoming pornography addiction requires very strong will power and the fullest ability to realize and accept your addiction. The most basic step is to admit that you are under the pornography spell and the next step is banishing it out of your life forever.

But when it comes to the stage of implementation your will power weakens and the lure of seduction has a strong hold upon you. Breaking porn addiction is not as easy as it is very compelling to keep returning to the different websites listing illicit sexual pictures. To overcome pornography you need to find a source of light which will brighten up your path and combat the darkness. There is no better source than the Bible itself. The more you read the Bible and the more you activate yourself in religious gathering the better you will be able to break the porn hold over you.

Parents need to be open and talk to their teens about the scorns of pornography as the temptations of the body are at their heights. Parents should have open discussions regarding porn addiction and suggest methods that can be undertaken to break the pornography chain. Church leaders should talk about moral and ethical issues and educate the public on the fate of the sinners.

Individuals trying to overcome pornography should destroy all porn material and any possession which reminds them of the addiction. Seeking help from a religious person is also a constructive step as it helps to sort the battle they are fighting with their souls. A word of consolation and constant motivation for improvement are also positive factors that help overcome pornography addiction.

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