Dealing with Pornography


-Try to remember the last time you felt so hungry or thirsty in your life that you could not wait any longer to grab a bite or even have just a sip of water. Anyone could have gone through this situation, but just like the hunger or thirst that we feel for anything, there is always a way to delay it. This is one way of how nature gets to deal with the challenges that inadequacy brings to man. However, compared to the hunger that we feel for food and water, we know for a fact that these are part of man’s basic needs. Without such needs, continuing life will surely be difficult. You can delay your hunger for food and water up to a certain limit only. Science has it that man can last without food and water up to a month and a week, respectively.

However, what about for other things that are not part of man’s basic needs? Just like things that fall under the “wants” category of life, they can always be moved onto another time or even forgotten as long as they do not basically disrupt one’s normal life processes. Porn, as said in native areas of Asia, is said to be the hunger of the groins. If you come to think of it, our groins do not need any food to live. It is not porn that we long for or need. If you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you will see that it is not porn that is listed there. Instead, it is love and belongingness that is stated there. Under love and belongingness, you will find friendship, family, and sexual intimacy. There is a big difference between porn and sexual intimacy. Porn is the absence of that feeling of emotional and life essence satisfaction, while sexual intimacy is that feeling of acceptance and trust with one another along with your partner accompanied and strengthened by love.

Just as the word temporary implies, it does not last forever, therefore, every temporary desire has an end. It is up to you and your determination on when to end such hunger for something that will only give you temporary satisfaction. The only excuse you may have would be if porn was like air, without which we could not even last for an hour.

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