Counseling: The Most Effective Tool to Stop Pornography Addiction


-Obsessive use of pornographic images and videos and heavy reliance on pornography to satisfy sexual cravings can be defined as pornography addiction. A person trying to overcome this addiction can seek professional counseling to help him stand on his own two feet instead of depending on fantasy.

Engaging in counseling services can be life building and life saving for both the patient and his family, as any obsessive behavior tends to become destructive and harmful to one’s health. This counseling involves face-to-face talks, email chats, and/or phone calls with a therapist. Counteractive measures for overcoming porn addiction are discussed and tried out. Implementation begins soon after the therapy, and the patient is asked to report all behavioral responses to the therapy.

Counselors devise innovative ways to handle anxiety and depression that are experienced at the onset of quitting porn. The patient’s lifestyle, attitude, habits, and sometimes even the environment are changed and reshaped. This is essential in negating porn temptations and keeping them at bay. Positive feelings are nurtured in the patient and with it the desire to live a better and purer life. Counseling can also save a dissolving marriage or relationship. When the patient has the yearning to become a better human being, he might be surprised to find so many well wishers around him.

Counseling helps the patient to overcome his restless and careless behavior and to embrace his responsibilities. He slowly becomes a better father and a great husband. However, counseling is only helpful to people who have the strongest willpower and desire to overcome their pornography addiction at all costs.

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