Controlling Yourself


-Control! This is a strong word that is plaguing every addict who wants to overcome their addiction. In order to overcome your addiction, you must be able to control and let go of your bad habits. Do not be possessed by these pleasures. Just like breaking a horse, you need to gain control of your emotions and actions, especially with regard to your sexual urges.

Diabetes is a disease suffered by many people, but up to date, it still has no cure. We must compare porn addiction to this illness. Like diabetes, porn addiction has no cure but it is a disease you can control.

Controlling implies effort, energy, and time. It might not be fair for us to think that the addiction won’t go away but it’s the reality. Overcoming pornography means controlling one’s self from watching and seeking erotic and sexual materials. As much as possible, stop it!

Most porn addicts admitted that they were not able to survive this overcoming process without the use of outside help. Many groups and agencies provide counseling and support for these types of addiction. Pornography is not a thing to be ashamed of. Yet you should be proud because you were brave enough to face your addiction and take action on it. Unlike most of the people who are secretly living a double life, one that is a fa

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