Control Masturbation Addiction Through a Change in Outlook


-After finding out your reasons for masturbation, your next mission is figuring out how to handle the situation. Handling a situation is a great skill which you need to practice over and over. In any situation, you need to control your feelings, not be controlled by your feelings. Feelings are the sum total of your thoughts, your ways of interpreting the world, and your overall attitude to others and to life. It is all up to you how you deal with your feelings. If you feel bored with the world, the world is not responsible for that. It is your way of looking at the world which makes you feel bored.

Imagine you’re wearing colored glasses. The world may seem to be red colored if you wear red colored glasses, yellow if you wear a yellow colored one, and black if your glasses are black. Feelings also work the the same way. If view the world as something filled with pain, you’ll find it anywhere you go. If you roam the world thinking that no one understands you, you will always feel lonely even though you are in a crowd of friends.

So before stopping masturbation, change your outlook. If the situation makes you bored and compels you to masturbate, tell yourself that you are not actually bored and look for something productive to do. Feeling lonely, just open the door and go out to mix with others, or let others come into your life. Forget your painful past and find happiness in the present. Control over emotions will make you a better person and it will also help you quit masturbation or any kind of addiction for that matter more easily.

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