Causes and Effects of Pornography


-If you haven’t been missing classes, you might be familiar with the fact that everything that occurs has a stimulus, and for every action, there is an equal reaction. This is the same case with you and other people who are into pornography. Try to sit down even just for a couple of minutes to analyze and evaluate your routine in a day. If you have the time, include your entire week’s activities. You don’t have to pressure yourself too much about remembering every detail.

All you need to do is focus on one thing and trace things backward. You need to compare two days or two weeks. Day 1 or week 1 should be a day or week where you never did or engaged in any pornographic activity. Day 2 or week 2 should be a day or week where you did or engaged in pornographic activity. Let’s start with day 1 and week 1. Assess what activities or events took place in that day or in that week. You will notice that you were either too preoccupied or was simply enjoying how time passed by. You were doing things that had value. You spent time with people who mattered to you. You gained something nice that made you last the entire day or week without thinking of any need for any diversion or past time. You made something worthwhile, something you could be proud of.

What about your day 2 and week 2? Do you notice anything weird? You can easily notice the difference in the flow of events that took place in this batch. Those are the triggers of your pornographic side. Now that you know what situations trigger your pornographic side, your next task will be to avoid these situations from happening. It’s not cowardice to start avoiding. You can face these situations again once you feel that you are ready and once you feel that you already have that firmness in you to say no.

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