The Connection Concerning Masturbation Addiction and Self-love

-Masturbation addiction is sometimes called the self-love addiction. This addiction can be done by a person to get relief from some stress or anything that bothers him or her. This is why masturbation is linked to being a lonely act for a person to do. Masturbation is an act of pleasuring one’s self up to […]

Stopping Masturbation

-Masturbation works like a slow poison, if you practice it frequently you may suffer for it. So, it is essential for you to stop it right now if you are addicted to it. The reasons for masturbating may be a physical need or a mental disturbance. However, to stop masturbating, you need to go through […]

Kill Porn Addiction, Stop Masturbation

-Overcoming masturbation can be done if we can break porn addiction efficiently. This is a good way for you to start and certainly change your life for the better. If not, this can certainly bring you a lot of unwanted sexual urges that can eventually bring you down on your knees. Being addicted to porn […]

The Effects of Chronic Masturbation

-Masturbation is a physical and psychological process through which a person gets sexual pleasure without being involved in intercourse. It has both bad and good effects on the body of the masturbator. If the masturbation becomes chronic, then the negative effects supersede the positive sides of masturbation. Chronic masturbation basically hampers the mental balance of […]

Extinguishing the Masturbation Urge Completely

-One of the many vices of men today is masturbation. This is one big problem that many people also need to stop but do not know how to do. This may cause a lot of problems if not solved immediately. Before you start the process of eliminating your masturbation vice, one must first learn what […]

Various Steps to Overcome Masturbating Frequently

– Self-stimulation of the genital organs to produce orgasm without having sexual intercourse is masturbation. This humiliating addiction is a torment in itself and the masturbator is always suffering from inner guilt, uselessness and emptiness in his life. If you are suffering from this dangerous addiction and want to stop masturbating then you need to […]

Solving Masturbation Addiction: Mind over Physical Urges

-While alcohol addiction is well tolerated by society, porn and masturbation addiction cannot be ignored as they oppose morality and uprightness. Both kinds of addictions have the same kind of effects on the body. They both stimulate and give intense pleasure, but once the euphoric flames have died down the feelings of low self-esteem and […]

Conquering the Immoral Addiction of Pornography

-Tackling the issue of porn addiction is a serious business because if not taken charge of, it spirals quickly out of control. Resolution to overcome pornography addiction requires a plan of action. Success depends on the elimination of the addiction and its effects completely. It requires deleting and destroying the complete pornographic cache, which includes […]