Extinguishing the Masturbation Urge Completely

-One of the many vices of men today is masturbation. This is one big problem that many people also need to stop but do not know how to do. This may cause a lot of problems if not solved immediately. Before you start the process of eliminating your masturbation vice, one must first learn what […]

Various Steps to Overcome Masturbating Frequently

– Self-stimulation of the genital organs to produce orgasm without having sexual intercourse is masturbation. This humiliating addiction is a torment in itself and the masturbator is always suffering from inner guilt, uselessness and emptiness in his life. If you are suffering from this dangerous addiction and want to stop masturbating then you need to […]

Solving Masturbation Addiction: Mind over Physical Urges

-While alcohol addiction is well tolerated by society, porn and masturbation addiction cannot be ignored as they oppose morality and uprightness. Both kinds of addictions have the same kind of effects on the body. They both stimulate and give intense pleasure, but once the euphoric flames have died down the feelings of low self-esteem and […]

Conquering the Immoral Addiction of Pornography

-Tackling the issue of porn addiction is a serious business because if not taken charge of, it spirals quickly out of control. Resolution to overcome pornography addiction requires a plan of action. Success depends on the elimination of the addiction and its effects completely. It requires deleting and destroying the complete pornographic cache, which includes […]

The Negative Effects of Addiction to Pornography

-Pornography addiction is often described as an addiction to sex and other sexually explicit materials. Watching adult movies and reading sexual content are just some examples of pornography. Engaging in pornography has a lot of negative consequences that many people might not be aware of. These can either destroy themselves solely or even affect the […]

Violence and Pornography

-A lot of research today relate the current criminal mentality of the youth to pornography addiction. Though it seems hard to imagine the connection between these two, scientists have proven the connection through various studies. The issue of the connection of violent crime and pornography has raised eyebrows among different races and was able to […]

What is a Porn Addict?

-Sexual cravings and lust are instinctively natural to humans since we are biologically sensual creatures. Our sense of sight, touch, taste and hearing can easily stimulate our sexual imaginations. And as humans, we have the need to satisfy such cravings. That is why we have sexual intercourse, masturbation and even pornography. There is nothing wrong […]

The Downside of Porn Addiction

-Have you ever looked up the dictionary for the word porn? Have you ever felt the urge to look up its definition rather than doing it? Basically, the word never has the word “fun” in any dictionary that you look into. With that said, porn does not bring you any fun at all. Instead, it […]