Burning Pornography Addiction


-Don’t you know that masturbation is one way of burning calories? Therefore, it can be used as a way to work out and burn your fats. The problem is that you can’t just masturbate anytime you want to unlike normal exercise. You can’t masturbate in the park like the way you can jog anytime you wish. You can’t masturbate along with a group of descent people like the way you could do aerobics classes in the gym with your friends. For those who have been hooked to masturbating and those who already got the hang of it, all you need is something else to keep you busy.

There are a lot of obese men and women these days that relieve their sexual needs through masturbating in their homes and in the refuge of their room. They begin to feel a lot better after doing it successfully. However, at the end of the day, they actually just make things worse for them. They may have satisfied themselves for a couple of minutes or hours and burned a couple of calories from masturbating, but they have not burned the real problem in them.

These people who rely on the goodness and health benefits that masturbation brings them are those that are ignorant with what real health means. Good health is not just about feeling good for a couple of hours or being able to burn a couple of calories with burning their psychological attribute along with the act. They need to realize that porn and pornographic acts such as masturbation will never be a replacement for exercise. If you wish to burn more than just the fats you have in your body and the times of boredom and solitude, then burn the porn in you. You can start going out and living life like how it’s supposed to be just how others did, could, and will. There’s more to life than just the satisfaction of porn.

The Rewards of Overcoming Porn Addiction
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