Bad Effects of Pornography to Young Adults


-Are you in your early 20’s and still finding it hard to successfully court a lady? Or even pick up a date? Yes, I know it is a rough dating world out there. I understand that although the dating world is filled with gorgeous sexy women, it is also loaded with chances of embarrassment and rejections. But does that mean it is okay for you to escape the dating world by settling for pornography in your own bedroom on a Saturday night? Do you actually think it is better for you to satisfy your basic male desires of female interactions with pornographic videos? The answer is NO. Absolutely no. Resorting to pornography may give you temporary physical satisfaction but eventually, it will cause you ill effects you wouldn’t even realize happening to you until it’s too late.

For example, settling for pornography will degrade your game! As a young adult, you should be out in the dating field, intelligently preparing yourself to interact with real women while gathering every ounce of your courage to approach them when the right opportunity comes. You may be rejected once or a few times, but that is normal. Everyone goes through that, even the best pick-up artists in the world. It’s a matter of learning from your rejections and making sure you come out of those rejections a better, wiser man. The virtual world of pornography, in the long run, will also confuse you as a person and lower your self-esteem. Because pornography is unreal, you will later reflect for yourself on how badly you have escaped from what is real. When you go out to the real dating world, you will realize how incompetent you have become due to constant pornography and less dating, thus your confidence will shrink to rock bottom. And the scary part when this happens is that you will have greater tendency to go back to watching porn. That is why as soon as you can, you should stop watching pornography. We, male species of the humankind, are biologically programmed to be attracted to the opposite sex. That is our nature, we can’t deny that. But we should not settle for virtual satisfaction through pornography, it will only destroy your nature. Go out, prepare, be confident and be yourself. Sooner or later, your hardwork and determination to resist pornography will pay off. And it will be worth it.

Porn is Scandalous
Don't Let your Addiction Dent your Personality and Image