Avoiding by Taking Away Opportunities


-If you are a regular masturbator and want to stop it, then you may try to narrow down the times of the day that you usually use to masturbate. Generally, people masturbate at night when they go to bed. During these times, they lie down and begin to relax. They feel tired and have nothing to do without thinking. Basically, people can hardly avoid thinking about sex and pornography during this time, and they usually end up masturbating. Sometimes, people do this because they want relief from stress and just want to fall asleep for a long time. Making it difficult to find opportunities to masturbate will be very helpful in reducing it from your life. If it is night time and you are ready to go to bed, then you can try to create a different option to do instead of masturbating. Some exercise may help you burn some testosterone before going to bed and will also make you feel more tired so you can fall asleep faster. As you get sleepy right away, you will have less time to think about porn and masturbation.

For some people, the best masturbation time is when they take bath. If this is your problem too, there may be options to prevent this from happening. Without bathing in a bathroom, you may opt to go to a public bathing area instead because in front of others, you are less likely to masturbate. If you have a spouse or significant other, you could also choose to take baths together. If you have to take bath in the bathroom by yourself, then you may sing songs. This will help drive your thinking away from thoughts of masturbation.

If it is some other time when you feel compelled to practice masturbation, think of some ways you can narrow down the time or prevent masturbation to occur.

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