An In-depth Explanation of the Masturbation Addiction


-Masturbation is called the solitary vice by Freud. According to Freud, sex is the product of the union of a man and a woman who loves and complements each other. But in masturbation the other partner does not exist in reality. If the person who masturbates is a man, he imagines a woman; and if it is a woman, she dreams of a man. In both cases, the exhaustion is multiplied; both of them try to express happiness more than they actually feel. In essence, they are both cheating themselves. As a solitary vice, masturbation stimulates erotic fantasy which results in brain exhaustion and sometimes sexual impotence.

Samael Aun Weor, another psychologist, opines that sexual fantasy causes impotence of a psychosexual type. A regular male who masturbates may face this problem. Like others, he may have normal erections. But when he attempts to engage in social activity his partner, the penis fails and loses the erection. This failure makes the man highly disappointed. Actually, someone who masturbates is habituated to have sex in an imaginary world. Whenever he or she faces the hard reality of sex, they become confused and their sex organs don’t function properly. There are some instances that when they reach the point of sexual exhaustion, regaining sexual vigor is close to impossible.

Someone who masturbates is lustful, indulges in porn magazines, watch erotic and pornographic films. Doing these, he or she wastes the reservation of sexual power. Sex is the happiest and purest thing in the world, but they waste the power in some brutal way.

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