Advantages of Stopping Masturbation


-Almost all religions that are currently being practiced all over the world condemn viewing pornography and declare masturbation an immoral act. This could be a motivator for certain people to quit masturbating but a big part of the population is still involved in masturbating frequently. Stopping masturbation is not without certain advantages. On the quest for stopping masturbation, you will come across all these advantages one by one that will make you pleased with your decision of quitting masturbation.

1. Stopping masturbation gives you more energy. Masturbation is directly associated with the body’s energy level. Just imagine that semen, which is produced by your body, is lost every time you masturbate. Every time a person orgasms, hormones are also in play in the brain which cause people to feel sleepy. Moreover, the act of masturbation itself demands plenty of energy thus it ultimately makes you feel lethargic and tired.

2. Stopping masturbation makes you more focused in your daily deeds. If you procrastinate and set aside important projects and wash your hands off of your family duties, your masturbation habit may be the cause for it. After stopping masturbation you may realize that you have developed more interest in family matters.

3. Better Sex life: No matter whether you are living with your spouse, your girlfriend or you are single, stopping masturbation will have positive effects on your sex life. You will find that your partner will be more interested in you. It’s as if girls can sniff out habitual masturbators. On the other hand, your taste for the opposite gender may also improve and you will start enjoying your sex life more.

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