A Slave to Pornography


-Do you often find yourself locking the bedroom door to watch porn instead of spending time with your family? Are you wasting most of your spare time in the virtual world of pornography instead of playing with your kids in the garden? Is masturbating while watching porn the best highlight of your day? If your answer to these three questions is yes, then you are in the labyrinth of porn addiction. And in that deep abyss lies the sad reality that you are becoming a slave to pornography. You are becoming a slave to its temporary pleasures, satisfaction that arises only during the moment itself. But beyond that moment lies emptiness, shame, filth and self-degradation. And the more you try to ignore the problem you have, the more you are going to be enslaved. That is why it is time for you to free yourself from porn slavery.

The early stepping stones to your freedom are acceptance and honesty. You first have to accept that you have a serious problem at hand, a problem that not only can destroy you but also the people who care for you. Honesty, in a sense, would imply that it would be easier for you to conquer porn addiction if you share your problem to someone else, preferably someone with reliable knowledge and actual expertise. Sharing and seeking the help of others may bring humiliation, but do not be afraid of it. Confront humiliation in the face and overpower it with desire, the desire to free yourself from the temptations of porn, the desire to be renewed, and the desire to be whole again. After acceptance and honesty comes change and control. You have to find changes within yourself: your habits, your hobbies, the quality time you have with your family, the way you perceive women and even your inner spirituality. Then have the determination to continue bringing positive changes in your life. Temptations are relentless, so you should be persevering. Control your thoughts, always. Lastly, never forget to reward yourself for every positive change you introduce and every temptation you resisted. The road to your freedom may not be easy, but it is achievable and the destination will surely be breathtaking.

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