A Few Benefits of Masturbation


-There is a controversy in all sex specialists whether masturbation is harmful or if it is beneficial to people. However, we will discuss only the benefits of masturbation.

Many psychologists suggest some patients who suffer from mental depression masturbate regularly. They do it because they have found that masturbation relieves depression as well as builds a higher sense of self esteem.

To maintain a harmonious relationship, sometimes masturbation has some important roles. In some relations, one partner may have less interest in sex than the other. In these types of situations, masturbation is the best way to keep a healthy relationship.

Mutual masturbation also has some positive effects on a conjugal life. Here, both partners stimulate themselves or each other while together. When having mutual masturbation, both of them can find the best ways to pleasure each other and may even learn the most effective way to sexually stimulate one another. This aspect is less possible in intercourse. Besides, mutual masturbation allows a couple to have sex as frequent as they want without having any risk of pregnancy or any kind of sex transmitted disease.

In an Australian research, it is found that males who masturbate regularly have a lower possibility to have prostate cancer. However, this possibility depends on the age of the person. If a 20-40 year old man ejaculates frequently, he has a higher possibility of prostate cancer. But if he is in his 50s, this may reduce his risk of the cancer. Another study finds that ejaculation frees the airway for normal breathing.

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