7 Steps to Overcome Pornography


-Apart from strong determination, overcoming pornography requires proper planning and execution of the strategy to overcome this social dilemma. Like every addiction, pornography addiction can be treated only in relation to time. If you stay away from pornography for a longer period of time, you will be declared free of pornography addiction. Here are 7 quick steps on overcoming pornography.

1. Watching porn is certainly a sinful act. This is why you feel guilty after watching porn. The first step to overcoming pornography is realizing that watching porn is wrong and you have a problem.

2. Evaluation the extent of pornography addiction is also very important in formulating your plan of overcoming it. If you are third degree addict with porn addiction that affects every aspect of your life, then you need to choose a very aggressive treatment plan.

3. Delete all your porn. This does not only mean that you will delete only those porn files that are stored in your hard drive. You have to get rid of all DVD’s, playboy magazines and all erotic stories that you have in your possession.

4. Restrict your access to online pornography. Use parental guidance software and different screening tools. This will make you stay away from porn easier.

5. Replace your pornography addiction with other healthy activities. Choose new hobbies or take an interesting class.

6. Pray to God to give you strength and courage to change your habits altogether. These will strengthen your relationship with God and you will find it easier to stay away from porn.

7. Once you have successfully gotten rid of pornography addiction, you can pat yourself on the back for this excellent work. Give yourself rewards and enjoy being free from this terrible habit.

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