Overcoming Pornography

-It is not rare for people to think that overcoming pornography addiction is impossible. This belief is the product of several failed attempts that they might experienced. Pornography addiction is one of those few types of addictions that have the highest rates of relapse. Porn addicts may find themselves free of any porn when they […]

5 Steps for Overcoming Masturbation

-Determination is the first step in overcoming masturbation. This is the start of any healing and if you really want to meet your destination then you need to realize that a good start is always very important. You need to decide once and for all that this is something you do not want in your […]

Knowing the Reasons as a Way to Quit Masturbation

-Are you trying to find a way to stop masturbation? You are not alone. There are millions of frustrated people in the world who want to free themselves from the black shadow of masturbation. It is not very hard to stop this addiction; you just need one thing: the right attitude. Perseverance is the way […]