How to Live a Life Free of Addiction

-Masturbating is often described as an act of stimulating one’s sexual organs to the point of achieving an orgasm. This act to some people might be good, but for some it is the exact opposite. Whether you’re a man or woman, masturbation occurs regardless of age. To many people, masturbation can simply just be a […]

Overcoming the Addiction of Masturbation

-Masturbation addiction is a very unique addiction compared to drug or alcohol addiction. This addiction does not involve being addicted to any substance or thing rather it involves your sexual desires and urges. Many people all over the world have this addiction in which they cannot control their sexual urges or lose sight of their […]

Effective Steps to Quitting Porn Addiction

-Many people try to quit porn, yet they are unsuccessful. This becomes a big dilemma for them to make their lives much better. There are countless possibilities as well as ways on how to quit porn successfully. One just needs enough time and the dedication to endure everything to reach the goal of being porn […]

How to Keep Yourself Busy to Avoid Porn

-Most people claim that they are compelled to watch porn to remove their stress. But is it necessary to watch porn to relieve stress? Is there no other way to cope with stress other than porn? There are definitely so many ways to relieve stress without using porn as an excuse. You just need to […]

How to Avoid Pornography Addiction

-Engaging in pornographic activity is just like engaging in common vices that we are aware of, such as alcoholism, smoking, gambling, and drug addiction. The difference is not much, but the similarities are great. You will find yourself so enveloped with such acts that you tend to forget what your priorities are. For example, does […]

Violence and Its Roots

-Though many researchers and scientists are currently working on the root causes of becoming a sex offender and violator, previous studies and researches traced a phenomenon that could be the closest link to the problem – Pornography. Moreover, there are still no studies that relate non-violent materials to violence and crimes. That is why the […]