Signs that People Have Masturbation Addiction

-There are many signs and symptoms that can be seen and felt by a person who has a masturbation addiction. It can also be visible to the people around you, but they might not really know what is really happening to you. One of these signs can be a change in social interaction with other […]

The Negative Side Effects of Porn Addiction

-Gone are the days when pornography is considered taboo. Nowadays, pornography is a rampant addiction due to the availability of porn materials. However, studies have proven again and again that the pornography craze is promoting unfavorable effects in an individual as well as the society. A number of researches show that pornography increases the risk […]

Women’s View on Pornography

-Pornography has raised a lot of concerns and issues in the realm of human rights, specifically for women. Theoretically, a man is sexually active and would do anything to share their sexual desires with somebody. However, pornography is another matter. This is because there is a concept of dissatisfaction on the male side once they […]

What Sets Off Addiction and How to Overcome It

-A person that has masturbation addiction has a very big problem when it comes to sexual pleasures. One of the factors that makes masturbation addicts aggressive are their uncontrollable lust and desire for sex or anything relating to it. There are many contributors and triggers of masturbation addiction. These triggers include depression, stress, relationship conflicts, […]

7 Steps to Overcome Pornography

-Apart from strong determination, overcoming pornography requires proper planning and execution of the strategy to overcome this social dilemma. Like every addiction, pornography addiction can be treated only in relation to time. If you stay away from pornography for a longer period of time, you will be declared free of pornography addiction. Here are 7 […]

The Different Negative Aspects of Addiction

-There is an old English proverb quoted frequently that “excess of everything is bad” and masturbation is no exception. Masturbation is considered a disgraceful activity that plays a significant role in lowering the self esteem of masturbation addict. Masturbation, also known as self-sex, is considered a selfish sexual activity that can often lead many to […]